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Tam Nisam

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Sweden’s BROR introduces the debut EP from Tam Nisam this May, accompanied
by a remix from label-head DJ Lily.

DJ Lily’s BROR imprint has showcased material from the likes of Arkajo, Jor-El aka
Joel Alter, Tora Vinter and Johanna Knutsson over its past ten releases, gradually
shaping it’s aesthetic which leans towards raw and hypnotic house, techno and
leftfield electronica. Here we see the imprint welcome Tam Nisam onto its roster, a
new name for a seasoned explorer. In Romanian, the playful expression means “out of
the blue”, “all of a sudden”, indicating the spontaneity of the project and the
serendipitous meeting of minds between the producer and the Swedish label.”

Artist: “Tam Nisam is memory, real or imaginary. An incomplete reel of 8mm
holiday footage, a re-composed soundtrack, a glimpse of an eternal age.
Connecting islands on a fantasy map, dreaming of brighter days. An ancient
mariner, sailing modern seas towards tomorrow’s harbours.”

‘Negura’ leads the release with hazy atmospherics, mesmeric piano lines, pulsating
bass and intricately programmed, modulating percussion. DJ Lily’s ‘Remode’ of
‘Negura’ follows next, extracting the soul of the original while stirring in his own
rhythmic twist to create a more robust groove-driven take on things.

Opening the flip-side is ‘Periplu Euxin’, awash with textural pads, fluttering dubbed out
synths, glitchy percussion and choppy bass tones ahead of closing cut ‘Din Senin’ which
strips things back and focuses on a sturdy drum groove, mind bending resonant synth
chimes and cinematic soundscapes.

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