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Tora Vinter returns to Bror Records on its first anniversary record, presenting two uplifting yet at the same time emotional tracks, including a guest remix appearance by Harald Björk (Kranglan Broadcast/Studio Barnhus).

In Tora’s own words: “Peri-Banu is number three in a series of songs portraying female characters from Thousand and One Nights. Peri-Banu is wise, powerful and beautiful and she is the coolest character in a story full of weak, violent and power hungry men.”

On Kid Kid:
”The kids stole my phone and made a number of recordings that I found. I processed them and included it. For me having kids is about love, joy, worries, fear, soul searching, expansion but most of all fun.“ – On the B-side, Harald Björk features a clubbier “Venus Version” of Kid Kid, described: “When I heard the original track I got a vibe of ”life” and ”birth”. I have a quite new grown interest in astrology and was heavily interested in the Mercury Venus conjunction in the 1st house of cancer while working on the track”

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