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Beautiful limited edition of 200 copies pressed on black vinyl.
Everyone involved in the project has been invited to interpret the phenomenon of witchcraft in the present time, this includes art designer Ingrid Arnsand Jonsson aka Sailor Juul who’s now running the record label together with DJ Lily. The vinyl release will fall in conjunction with Halloween weekend.

coven /ˈkʌv(ə)n/ noun : a group or meeting of witches.

Up first on the release is Tora Vinter’s ‘Devour’, a hazy techno cut driven by pulsating bass tones, hypnotic synth textures and off-kilter organic percussion. Dorisburg’s ‘Skvulivurp’ follows next, a high tempo stripped-back cut employing popping glitched out drums, expansive reverberations and a murky atmospheric tension.

DJ Lily then steps up first on the flip side with ‘Meet The High Priestess’, taking things down a more cinematic route with swirling synth sequences, elongated bass tones and robust drums. Tam Nisam’s ‘Urista’ then wraps up the package with a psychedelic twist, fusing mind-altering metallic tones with crunchy low-slung drums and weighty sub bass hits.

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