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When We Were Young

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TWINS NATALIA … is a most unreachable dream coming true! Being involved in this project, I feel a bit timid writing this. Anyway, the TWINS NATALIA songs are unique products of creative minds working together in order to write some beautiful, catchy and substantial electropop songs combining an early 80’s musical approach (analogue drum machine sounds, way of sequencing, etc.) with up-to-date recording techniques. TWINS NATALIA is one of the many brainchildren of Steve Lippert, Anna’s permanent and wonderful graphic designer, who we owe so much. The basic musical ideas are composed by Marc Schaffer creating a basic melancholic and melodic structure. Additional composition, arrangement and performance by Dave Hewson, with beautiful lyrics and vocal lines added by Sharon Abbott, performed by Sharon, and Julie Ruler, the latter three well-known from actually being POEME ELECTRONIQUE. In the end, for me this is close to being the perfect electropop. Further tracks are at early stages so a complete TWINS NATALIA album is planned for 2009. -Anna Logue. Lim Ed 333x

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