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Bam Boo EP

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SPOON FAZER is the early 80’s solo project of Simon Patterson from the UK who got his name from his band mates when playing in some in avant-garde punk bands in Devon and London. He is still occasionally called ‘Spoon’ by old friends. Being originally a drummer, fortunately Simon found interest in working with synthesisers and drum machines. On stage he used to play his electronic drums with guess what … spoons, of course! SPOON FAZER released the “Music 2 Dance 2” 7″EP (Project Records, Project 1, UK, 1980), Sunset 12″EP (Illuminated Records, ILL 912, UK, 1982), which actually featured the first vinyl appearance by Jimmy Caulty of later KLF fame, and was featured on the “East of Croydon” compilation LP (Nothing Shaking Records, SHAK 1, UK, 1981). Apart from that, SPOON FAZER recorded two tapes entitled “Bam Boo” and “Just another Man-in-Sect”. The four ‘most Anna Logue-compatible’ songs from “Bam Boo” (recorded in 1982) were chosen for inclusion on this beautifully designed 7″EP. “Bam Boo” was the musical expression of Simon’s obsession with Japan which you will clearly hear throughout the tracks presented here. The last words are Simon’s: “Spoon was a mask I wore! But I have now come to terms with the fact that actually I am Spoon Fazer!” -Anna Logue. Lim Ed 333x

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