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The Lullaby For Albert Hofmann

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Russian synth doctor weaves a lullaby for the father of LSD. Thoroughly zonked analog synth. Cover art by Alexey. Recorded April 2009
OPUS – analog keyboard —- ALTAIR – analog keyboard —- FORMANTA – analog keyboard — ELECTRONICA – keyboard vocoder —- LELL – fx processor — – VENEC – fx processor —- AT – microphone —- AKAI – sampler —- ALESIS – keyboard synth —- BOSS – rhythm box “The lullaby for Albert Hofmann” is dedicated to the Swiss chemist and inventor Albert Hofmann. His ingenious spring LSD helped to millions of people on the Earth expand the state of awareness All we know that due to governments in different countries, acid culture has become a taboo point and is punished under the law. Though, thanks to art, music and painting, we can express our feelings and emotions. Peace be unto you, “acid brothers and sisters”! -Scumbag

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