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Spreading the virus

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  • a1 TYOHOID MARY “Trip to nowhere”
  • a2 FAT HACKER “Skin Me/burn”
  • a3 JOINED AT THE HEAD “In Penetration”
  • a4 TECHNO-ANIMAL “White god”
  • a5 HEADBUTT “Nature lover”
  • a6 NEW MIND “Incision”
  • a7 FORCED FED “Fast forward”
  • a8 FUDGE TUNNEL “Like Jeff”
  • a9 CABLE REGIME “Novocaine kul”
  • a10 JOUISSANCE “The primrose path”
  • a11 MULTICIDE “Crash victim”
  • a12 SPLINTERED “Nail fetish”
  • a13 PAINKILLER “The ladder”
  • a14 MEATFLY “Fish”
  • a15 TECHNO-ANIMAL “Blag dog”
  • a16 GOD “Fucked”
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