AD ABSURDUM Ausuferung

AD ABSURDUM - Ausuferung

Label: (T)Reue um (T)Reue (tut010)
Released: 2008

First full-length LP by AD ABSURDUM, aka the Giorgio Moroder of Black Minimal Chiptunes, aka the Grand Master of Viking Synthie Pop. Locked up in his cellar with his faithful Amiga 500, our lonesome bard has spent two years brewing up the most improbable brand of weird but cheerful minimal elektro with a definite all-over BM feeling... Add to this cocktail a couple of COILesque ambient tunes and a medieval rhythmic-noise anthem, and you’ll get a whole new experience in electronic music, discarding all genre boundaries like once Njurmännen, but with guaranteed dance-floor efficiency... So put on your corpse paint and slip in the Workbench V1.3 : for here come True German Black Minimal Chip Tunes! Lim Ed 317x -T.u.T.

  • a1 Barbarians of ice
  • a2 Casual girl
  • a3 Words of wisdom
  • a5 Wehmut
  • a6 Katze auf dem Bleichdach
  • b2 Der Finsame
  • b3 Walthub
  • b4 Ausuferung
  • b5 Ein steter zyklus beginnt erneut

AD ABSURDUM Ausuferung