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Höga Nord

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Four lenghty tracks from four Swedish experimental groups in tribute to the god-forsaken land we call Sweden – or, Höga Nord if you wish. From BOCKSHOLM’s structured and up-building jackhammer mechanics, onward with DUSA’s moody downer-beats from the outskirts of hell – further down the road NIELLERADE FALLIBILISTHORSTAR’s abstract and ghostly metal junk/cymbal ambient to VÅRTGÅRD’s heavy and painful death industrial – this is a record that follows an unknown path, where grey and depressive specimen without contrasts makes a subliminal whole. For sure not the full-on noise Segerhuva perhaps is known to release but a beautiful and deranged journey through our native mushroom woods and what one can find if taking a leak on a small highway side-track somewhere outside of Skara. Edition of 300 copies in printed black and white matte sleeves with insert. -Seger

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