BLOD My beloved daughters

BLOD - My beloved daughters

Label: Segerhuva (Seger 006)
Released: 2004



Great noise-album with a cover treated with the smell of candy...

  • a2 Candles contrite to ashes
  • a3 Strawberry - et le sang coula à flots
  • a4 Never resting pains
  • a5 Juliet´s sewing
  • a6 Summertime - floors full of doveblood & shit
  • a7 Supplicant and kneeling
  • a8 A la mémoire d´un ange
  • a9 Fullmoon blackened heart
  • a10 Silent white salt
  • a11 Agneau de dieu
  • a12 No remorse
  • a14 Thirst - black water, red nenuphar
  • a15 My beloved daughters
  • a16 Scission/Inflammable cunt/Fist of cock
  • a17 Stardust bleeding arteries
  • a18 Les fleurs sanglante vos saison

BLOD My beloved daughters