If, Bwana Radio Slaves

If, Bwana - Radio Slaves

Label: Monochrome Vision (MV 11)
Released: 2007



Originally issued as a limited edition cassette "Radio Slaves" on the Medicinal Tapes (France) in 1986, then re-issued on CDr by the Generator Sound Art (USA) in 2003, this album finally released on CD with some bonus tracks. Loopy and sampledelic, it will return the spirit of 80s into your ears. Great collage music from the pioneering american experimental sound project. Lim Ed 500x -Monochrome Vision

  • a2 Brain Dead
  • a3 Gift of Life
  • a4 Fish Tales from the Bible
  • a5 Jungle Horn
  • a7 The Great One
  • a8 Allah Does It
  • a9 Dress Me Down
  • a10 It´s Your Funeral
  • a11 From My Heart, Directly
  • a12 Scratching Asia
  • a13 Radio Slaves
  • a14 Mixed Opinions
  • a15 Once Upon a Time
  • a16 Living in Harmony
  • a17 A Condensed History of Religion
  • a18 Screwed It Up Again
  • a19 Accident Free Households
  • a20 Extremely Dangerous

If, Bwana Radio Slaves