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WNF Tag Team Noise Rumble Spectacular

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Soundly formed as a “noise-wrestling” match; Expose your eyes, R!!! S!!!, Smell & Quim, Incapacitants, The Shite girls, The Haters, Evil Moisture, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, Macronympha, Dogliveroil, Strict,Prick decay. Red vinyl.

Match list:

A2 Expose Your Eyes vs. R!!!S!!!
A3 Smell & Quim vs. The Shite Girls
A4 Schimpfluch vs. The Haters
A5 Incapacitants vs. Evil Moisture
A6 Dogliveroil vs. Macronympha
A7 Strict vs. Prick Decay

B1 Smell & Quim vs. R!!!S!!!
B2 The Shite Girls vs. Evil Moisture
B3 Macronympha vs. Schimpfluch
B4 Expose Your Eyes vs. Prick Decay
B5 Dogliveroil vs. Incapacitants
B6 Strict vs. The Haters

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