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Windows on the World

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THE SILICON SCIENTIST is Stefan Bornhorst from Hamburg, Germany, and you will hear that he definitely has a deep fascination for analogue synthesizers and Electropop. In the early 90’s, he started composing and recording many tracks under the name of DREAMS ENCODED, from which a compilation LP and 7”EP is due later on ANNA LOGUE RECORDS. Some may also know Stefan from playing in the Wave group THE CONVENT in which he played synths both live and in the studio between 1999 and 2003. Also, in 2003, Stefan founded the well known wonderful German Elektropop-NDW group SONNENBRANDT together with CONVENT’s guitar player Jojo Brandt and Jojo’s wife Frau Sonne. Their first proper album is said to be finished very soon, so stay tuned! In his solo project THE SILICON SCIENTIST Stefan continues on a more melancholic path of Electropop, recorded solely with analogue synthesizers and drum machines. -Anna Logue. Lim ed 400x

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