One Sided 12″ Picture Disc on White VinylEdition of 300x. The album Tomuuntuu, was conjured based on the omnipresent reinterpretation of the project name Tomutonttu by press, fans and even its publisher. Confused? Well, this one sided 21 minute opus may alieviate some of the pressure you’ve put on your self for correctly trying to pronounce acts from the Finnish underground. Jan Anderzen was commissioned to make this album by the Aanen Lumo Fesitval for New Sounds. The music debuted at the Orion Theatre in Helsinki 11.10.10.

Tomuuntuu conveys dozens of ideas in psychadelic electronic composition. Each short piece shifts into the next as if it was born out of the last one. Fluttering tremolo guitar, percussive hits, manipulated field recordings and electronics all bounce between stereo channels to create a sublime listening experience.

LP is pressed as a one sided record, with a direct to vinyl, solvent based high gloss screen print on the blank side. Permanent and archival. -Beniffer

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