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The Silent Decade

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Loved these dudes live, back when they were called NOW. Caught a few of the shows they got to do. Repetitive, percussive, instrumental. Intense. Huge. They were amazing on record too of course, but they never really got down and dirty; they kept it a bit too clean. They had the ideas and the knowledge but they seemed to lack the courage to run with it. Not so anymore. Now they are full on. No safety nets. Eyes closed straight into the swamp of electric jazz, afro funk, kraut and straight white man’s funk, grabbing whatever they need to feed the machine. A sloppy bass line is lifted here, a funky beat there. An airy guitar figure that’s vaguely familiar leans in to top things off. They touch on 70s Miles Davis, CAN’s reggae record, some Fela Kuti and beyond. Hell, I can even hear that Chicago post rock here, even if this is looser and a lot less bound by rules and regulations. I get a stripped New York, early 80s vibe and even some funky Factory feel in there somewhere. I won’t do the entire list. I think you get the idea. I’ve poured out all the references here, but I might have missed the point. This is first and foremost well crafted, hypnotic dance music made by smart characters that skipped the art-school angle but stole the shirt the other boys and girls always wear. They’ve gotten in deep and have emerged with a lovely piece of vinyl that sounds nothing but WON. Sweet, open-minded, lovable music that plays like it’s timeless. -Psyke

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