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The Overview Effect

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“Music of the stars” and “music to get lost to” are words thoughts expressed about Tross’ music. The band have always had the ability to place the listener in a bubble of introspection and escapism…in the most positive way! Hence such opinions. The band members themselves rate the joys of discovery and not looking back, two of the leading factors in creating their sound – no hesitation, no regression – and this comes clear on their second full length album The Overview Effect, released on Höga Nord Rekords. Captured on this album is the feeling of true presence created when musicians play together and not for themselves to prove their skills for each other and the listener. No show off – just boogie! Thanks to this holistic take on creating music, the sound is kept airy and the few overdubs made are carefully executed. The band focuses more than before on rhythm. On The Overview Effect, Tross have fallen deeper into Disco and Jungle Funk, approaching the nerve of their live appearances clearer than on their previous records, creating dance music for spaced out kids. So. Cancel all your meetings, stretch flat out, put on the first track, Synthesis, and feel the warmth of the earth’s core brake through the soil and embrace you like a soft blanket in a harsh reality. -H.N.

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