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Ten Grand Tonearm

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  • a1 RLW “Rattenwuerger”
  • a2 Castings “Mush..March..Waltz
  • a3 Rahdunes “No title”
  • a4 Cygnus “No title”
  • a5 xNoBBQx “Excerpt”
  • a6a Loachfillet “Monoculture”
  • a6b Marco fusinato “You can´t blow up a social releationship”
  • a7 Sun of the seventh sister “Now now 07”
  • b1 The Vitamin B12 “Understand 2”
  • b2 Mark Harwood “No title”
  • b3 Werewolf Jerusalem “Asleep with diseases”
  • b4 Misty Lavender Doughnuts of Shame “Bellend”
  • b5 Arse Lunch “Live at winter tragic 2007”
  • b6 Pigs in the Ground “Burried alive in a soiled cascet”
  • b7 William de Cunting “Don´t just stand there Immigrant”
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