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BEOGRAD was an electronic pop outfit founded by Dejan Stanisavljevic along with Aleksandar Rodic and Lubodrag Bubalo in Belgrade, Serbia, in the former Yugoslavia. In 1982 they released their one and only 7″ single, the classic and highly sought-after minimal electro smasher ‘T.V’/’Sanjas li u boji?’, with its wonderful Roland CR-78 drum machine, manually played bass synth and high note sequences, lovely harmonies and Serbian vocals. Then, in 1983, their only LP ‘Remek depo’ was released. Anna Logue Records has now put together a nice 7″EP including both the original 7″ tracks plus the superior track from the album, ‘Mrak’, as well as two very rough and pretty horrible sounding short instrumental demo recordings of ‘T.V.’ and ‘Mrak’, included here for the sakes of obscurity, rareness and fun. Definitely a must-have for all into minimal electro, synth wave, cold wave or whatever you wanna call it. -Anna

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