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Strange Faces / Moving the Mercury

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When CAMERA OBSCURA were playing in Germany last year, they were also playing a fantastic tune yet unknown to the audience. Anna asked them what it was and they said it was another old tune called “Moving the Mercury”. To Anna, it was clear right away that it had to be released on vinyl as well, but it needed quite some convincing to get Peter’s and Nigel’s OK, which was not due to the potential of that song but due to the poor sound quality of the original tape. Anyway, now it has been restored to make it available to you. The next day, Peter told Anna that they had another tune called “Strange Faces” which, back in 1984, was supposed to become a 7”. But, like with the album, this never happened. But, fortunate as you are, Anna once again attended to the affair and so you can get these great songs on a black vinyl-7” oddly enough spinning at 45 rpm on the A-side and 33 1/3 rpm on the B-side. -Anna Logue. Lim Ed 400x

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