• a1 Shiggajon – Åbningen Og Flugten
  • a2 Shiggajon – Part I. Brudet Og Fundet – Part II. Jagten – Part III. Hulen
  • a3 Shiggajon – Dansen
  • a4 Shiggajon – Tilbake Til Begyndelsen
  • a5 Shiggajon – Drömmen
  • b1 Dreamers Cloth – Untitled
  • b2 Dreamers Cloth – Untitled
  • b3 Dreamers Cloth – Haddy Underwater Meditation (Stage 3: End Of Dive, Achieving Next Level)

Split tape including two more or less new Danish acts. In these recordings (made during past 6 months) huge collective Shiggajon was five people playing out many kind of musical experiments & improvisations, with large amount of instruments (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, water, electric guitar, cello, scrap metal, violin, cembalo, bells, didgeridoo, bottles, chimes, drums, paper, and flutes). Floating orchestral jams to alienspace deep mystic drones, krautrock freakouts & free jazz moods from the structures of academic darkness – to the atmospheric swirls of heavenly light.
Dreamers Cloth is a solo project by Jonas Frederiksen from Beyond Repair cassette label. Diving underwater in the ambient dreamlands of fantasy creatures and unknown high sky visions. Beautiful & psychedelic new age bliss-sound drones, for the fans of Tangerine Dream, Ashtray Navigations, Family Underground, Skaters, Dolphins Into The Future. -Ikuisuus

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