Hi kids! Stop hang your heads low! Sure the northern blackness – that got us by our genitals for most of the year – is a reasonable reason. But tone down your despair. Focus on the, soon to come, bright confusion. Sure. Höga Nord is for the children. And good fun in the sun. But most of all we’re about dropping tunes that will fuck brains, legs and ears as clinically good as a treatment from an over experienced masseur. Höga Nord Rekords give you Higamos Hogamos on a four track instrumental EP. This is something of a solo effort for Higamos Hogamos’s Steve Webster – but in good assisting company by friends and viciously fonky machinery. One common denominator for the EPs four tunes is an attempt to say fuck off to overkilled editing and instead indulging in the dynamics and tensions that steams from mistakes and magic created live. All with the intention to squeeze our sweetest and most sensitive nerves in waiting for the mothership to take us all upwards 45 deegrees. Johari Window features the fine fretwork of original Higamos guitarist Toby Jenkins as well as Stipo Androvic on funk bass duties and Chris Hodges holding the groove together solid on drums. What might not be as apparent is the audio signal from the guitar being filtered into Steve´s mouth through a hosepipe to make a ghetto talk box (Don’t ask, just listen and freak out!) N.Y. List was the product of Higamos guitarist Andrew Robertson spontaneously finding a fuzz box and a backing track waiting, ready for some first take inspiration. For “Sorcery” and “Purest Space” it’s time to give the human masses a rest and jam your momsys arse to mars! To sum it up: Big fuck off spacediscorock, with elements of kraut, funk and hedonistic vibes to drag us all lost in dark and bright confusion! -Höga Nord

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