My Cat Is An Alien are the brothers Roberto and Maurizio Opalio, who have been spreading their unique brand of mysterious guitarnoise improv across the globe for ten years. As soon as they heard MCIAA, Sonic Youth were famously “immediately and pleasantly flattened by its green ray emanations”. Their astonishing three-sided LP Landscapes of an electric city / Hypnotic spaces was released in 2002 on Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace label, bringing them up from the underground to exposure and acclaim in the United States. With its strange mixture of mournful acoustic guitars, amplifier hum and abrasive electric guitar lines, the duo successfully delineated a contemporary portrait of modern urban blight and heroin-wasted despair. However, it’s with their outer-space inspired imagery that the pair have made the most impact; drawing inspiration from cosmic giants such as Sun Ra, My Cat Is An Alien christened their home rehearsal / performance area in Torino as ‘The Space Room’, and recorded numerous symbolic explorations of the outer galaxies. Entire triple-CD sets would be devoted to the naming and celebration of distant cosmologies. Roberto’s creative arts skills have, from the start, been harnessed to realising the visual components of their outer space metaphor, using photography and films; he also executes numerous paintings, sometimes for the benefit of limited-edition art-object records issued on their own OPAX label. Roberto returns obsessively to rendering his striking vision of an attenuated alien figure with its huge lone eye. As well as maintaining side projects (Praxinoscope, Painting Petals on Planet Ghost), the duo have performed live and made split records and collaborations with several major players on the international free music scene: Thurston Moore, Thuja, Keiji Haino, Glands Of External Secretion, Jim O’Rourke and Jackie-O Motherfucker. In their own words: “Art is total freedom. Art is the Howl. Art is Space. Art runs against the direction of time. Art is your life when all is over…this is pure ALIEN FAITH!”
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