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Soft Crash

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  • a1 Is this what you want
  • a2 Wasting our time
  • a3 Marilyns grave
  • a4 Exploded view
  • a5 Soft crash
  • a6 Avoiding needles
  • b1 It´s been a bad day
  • b2 Friend or foe
  • b3 In the house
  • b4 Satellite not found
  • b5 Remember how cold it was (part one)
  • b6 Since you´ve been gone

A proto-punk pulse mixes with a dark synth throb for something that sounds both of yesterday and tomorrow or in the words of Z Gun’s Ryan Wells, “These guys are science fiction!” Sci fi? As in Chrome, Von Lmo, and Simply Saucer? “’natch.” But with their own twist, of course. -SS

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