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Smoking Holiday EP

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We all know that when it´s a real vibe you can´t go wrong. If you add talent and hearth to that you got gunpowder for pure bangers. And that´s exactly what we at Höga Nord Rekord wanted to accomplish with the sixth release of our UK 12” series. Consequently we contacted Jo Howard from Sunderland in the North East of England. As a producer and DJ he uses the alias Bird of Paradise. Smoking Weekend is the name of the four track EP. BoP came to prominence via his output on labels such as Jennifer Cardin´s Correspondant imprint and New Yorks Throne of Blood. His debut e.p on the former reached number one in the Juno download techno charts in December 2015. As a DJ, he has honed his skills both at his own parties Cubik and Body Talk. As well as being a resident at Man Powers ´Tourist Parties´ wich have afforded him the opportunity to play alongside Todd Terje, John Talabot, Daniel Avery and Ivan Smagghe. Jo is raised on a steady diet of punk/post punk, and learning to play instrumentation from an early age defines why Jo´s way of arranging music and his eclectic taste is different to his peers. Something that fits Höga Nord more than hand in gloves. We prefer to ride it like bareback pirates as you should know by now. The Smoking Holiday EP opens with Tito. The spooky oblique intro will soon start to roll deep into a dark cadenced haunting and whispering tune that will twist, trance and tribal your mind back to the early 90s mornings. On a loving, yet a bit dark and grimey, dance floor in- or outdoors. Second track Joy-Rides will lug your brains and fizzle your feet with its eclectic format. Ambient mixed up with rhythmic techno and bleep – a good appetizer of Bird of Paradises DJ-sets. B-side chugs on with the title track and ends with a electro tune that sends funky fresh flirtations to Andrew Weatheralls and Keith Tenniswoods project Two Lone Swordsmen. Bird of Paradise: It´s authentic, can´t go wrong! -H.N.

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