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Sleep Transmission

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The Atlantic Ocean’s winds taint the metallic cities it must afront, and remains a sound, the natural worlds drowsy way of meeting a humanity it doesn’t recognize, here is what is left of that dialogue between the aquatic world and what we have made of our humanity. Providence based duo Empathy Family returns yet again with another drone-ambient project, Sleep Transmission, a thoroughly woven blanket of tape loops and electronic ambient soundscapes. Its clearly demarcated transitions prevent the project from losing the listener or the listener from losing the project for that matter. The underlying continuum that is the “sleep transmission” is not here to be forgotten, its drone nature provides comprehensibility while its imaginative structure prescribes an urgency that is so often missing from what is subject of the drone-ambient genre.
written, performed and recorded by Drew Collins & Jack Williams, mastered by Collin Gorman Weiland.
Screen printed sleeves, hand-marked, limited to 100x!!! -Eyemyth

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