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Seize / Marre

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Backwards is proud and happy to announce a new release from great American artist Benoît Pioulard. This new single includes two exclusive tracks.
Seize & Marre were composed based on lyrics and recordings that Benoît Pioulard originally created at the age of 16, in the years 2000-2001. Another 16 years on, he has revisited those early efforts through the eyes & ears of his adult self, having spent that time sculpting a creative identity across five albums for Kranky and numerous collaborations with the likes of Rafael Anton Irisarri and Kyle Bobby Dunn. The songs are a conflation of past and present, and an attempt at creating some sense of continuity over the course of one life.

Based on writings & recordings created in 2000-2001.
Arranged & played June 4-7, 2015. -BW

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