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Roslagens Famn

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Co-released with Klangfigur Audio Artefacts.

In Lisa & Kroffe’s fourth full-length album ‘Roslagens Famn’, the breath of sound machine history are mixed with the vibrant energy of traditional instruments, born out of the strong presence of the Roslagen nature. The result is instrumental music in the borderland between folk, psychedelic and the rhythmic progress of the Berlin School. The album was recorded during the summer of 2019 in the Roslagen archipelago with the sound genius Tomas Bodén (Civilistjävel) as technician and sound master.

Lisa & Kroffe released their first album ‘Gärdet Session’ in 2013, but they have both previously been active under many different names and projects in the electronica, techno and kraut genres.

Today, Lisa can be heard as the host of one of Sweden’s largest music podcasts ‘Blue Monday’. She has also released music under her own name on the legendary cassette label Zeon Light. Kroffe works at Softube and has a long history of developing, servicing and building synths. Together they are the 2021 version of ’Ralf und Florian’ or ’Hansson och Karlsson’ or maybe just their own unique sound world: Lisa & Kroffe. -Lamour

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