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Rojo Tachan

  • a1 KRISTINE BARRET-Marie Rosa
  • a2 TUK-German holidays
  • a3 Det Svenska folket-Lang ferd
  • a4 GREGG KOWALSKY (OSSO BUCCO)-Egress regret
  • a5 LJUDBILDEN & PILOTEN-Martin, gracias por la guitarra
  • a6 CONDURO ORCHESTRA-Referencia (early verion)
  • a7 DJ/RUPTURE-Options
  • a8 SON OF CLAY-Spring to come
  • a9 TSUKIMONO-Small is beautiful (For E.F. Schumacher)
  • a10 KAMA AINA-Cecilia Ros
  • a11 LUIS MAURETTE-In between (edit)
  • a12 CINEPLEXX-Blue glue
  • a13 HENRIK RYLANDER-Transmission of mechanical infuences with repetition and happiness
  • a14 THE IDEALIST-Sleep with analog dreams
  • a15 GROS-Interim
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