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Ready To Fight

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  • a1 I Am Filled With That Fucking Power 09/01/06
  • a2 Inside Yr Face
  • a3 Defy That Violent Bastard
  • a4 The Town I Grew Up In Is Bullshit
  • a5 The Only Acceptence I’ve Ever Found
  • a6 Speedcore Bullets Anthem
  • a7 Unreal Cide Hell
  • a8 Pure Swill Destroyer Was Looking For Answers
  • a9 Bottle
  • a10 Cincinnati Speedcore
  • b1 Crushing Depression
  • b2 Snitch Snitch
  • b3 You Can’t Buy Worth
  • b4 Consider The Pain Of Your Ennemy
  • b5 Now You Know (Lose Your Shell)
  • b6 What We All Want To Know (More Important Than Life)
  • b7 Can’t Seem To Feel It Anymore
  • b8 Heads Down Willsmasher
  • b9 I Wanna Be Killed By Gabber
  • b10 Anyway I Want It (Drums Only)
  • b11 Get Bucked And Ask Why (Taking Back The Means Of Production)
  • b12 Kamikaze Hunt
  • b13 Enemy Of Glam Noise
  • b14 I Hate Museums
  • b15 Buck + H.U.R.T.
  • b16 My Insides Ejects
  • b17 Naked Anxiety
  • b18 Speedcore Speedwreck
  • b19 All Night I Think About
  • b20 Want Want Want (excerpt)

Extreme speed/noisecore…

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