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Polymer EP

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Tallinn duo MAVA & NEBUKAT deliver four tranquil cuts on Estonia’s LIITHELI, featuring remixes by Leleka founder VAKULA and 1212a alongside label boss ALI ASKER.
Mava and Nebukat have been an important part of the Estonian underground scene for some time, promoting parties and DJing in and around the capital. Their grafting has seen them join up with Green Village producer Ali Asker, who launched LIITHELI in 2016 to focus on local talent with early offerings from himself and fellow Estonian N1MA.
First up, ‘Polymer’ immediately grips us with rising tension – progressive synth-lines and fluttering percussion becomes the main focus here. ‘Ambient Track’ provides synthetic luscious melodies harmonising delightfully with the broken-beat drums.
1212a and Ali Asker’s remix of ‘Polymer’ offers a captivating dubbed-out theme throughout, balancing delicate minimalism, with breezy atmospheres. Ukrainian producer Vakula presents a heavenly six-minute healer through precise, fluid pulsations and intriguing, melodic sound design. -Wrong Hands

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