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Our Music is a Secret Order (Part Two)

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Or as Jason Fine puts it: “In my opinion, making deep music is not possible without a strong internal connection between the user and their feelings. Ultimately the end product is a reflection of what the user was feeling while making the piece. I think it’s important to listen to your creative flow and respect it — I don’t try to make music when I’m not feeling it, because guaranteed nothing but shit is going to come of it. It all boils down to what I’m feeling at that particular moment in time when I create a piece. With these words we welcome you to the first full length album release on the Kontra-Musik imprint – “Our Music is a Secret Order” (Louis Armstrong, 1954). Producer is greatly talented newcomer Jason Fine, who released his superb debut EP on Omar-S´ FXHE label last year. The twelve pieces of minimal Detroit sounds you are about to hear, were sent to us as one package. We were blown away and there was nothing else to do but surrender to its quality and sign them all. Now join us… -Kontra

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