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One dimensional

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  • a1 One dimensional
  • a2 Emerge from nothingness
  • a3 Short stay in the garden of optimism
  • a4 Plight of the butterfly of peace in the web of hatered
  • a5 Doomsday
  • a6 Comet
  • a7 One dimensional (outro)
  • b1 Dehumanization process
  • b2 Gorgon
  • b3 Trance
  • b4 Cry for the moon
  • b5 Untill the end of time
  • b6 Bonus track

Tracks are choosen from a period mostely recorded in 1985 but even as late as 1990. Some of the tracks has been available on tapes and compilations but even some exclusive material appears on this album. The sound is as usual with Paul Kelday very dark analog synth music, spaced out and psychedelic atmosphear. The Lp is limited to 300 copys

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