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Muohttagis čallime / Writing in Snow / Vi skriver i snøen

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Sex Tags Amfibia presents Norwegian/Sami multi-crafted artist Geir Tore Holm’s landmark sound piece “Writing in snow” – a typically poetic, funny and down to earth approach to nature, sound and every day reflections in the artists trademark style. Holm has since the early 90’s been part of breaking down the established notion of ruling institutional qualities in Norway with countless projects involving sculptures, food, installations, farming, photography, video, sound & music (also incl. on AMFIBIA 10 – Sørfinnset Skole/the nord land 10″). This piece is feat. on a one sided flexi disc – an easily transportable and physical presentation of a sonic piece – outside the galleries and museums, and rather in peoples homes. -SexTags

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