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Mörka Ljuset

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Mörka Ljuset (The Dark Light) sounds like John Essing somewhat snatched a glimpse of an inner space stored away in his head, tapped into it and got it down on tape. It goes through a cross-breed of musical genres and styles spanning the centuries all at once, with no start, no beginning. All is here and now. It’s a free form stream more than a recurring thing. When he played it out, this is what got caught on tape. In a way it’s like no physical travel has been involved, no other record or artist has been the foundation. It is all accumulated through osmosis – through living and breathing what can’t be seen or heard – and has no real meaning until it all falls together.
The music on this record holds a bit of a rough beauty and dull shine at first. It gets your attention while it sharpens, gets focus and lures you in just enough before the grip loosens a bit. It plays on, and you get a feeling that you are actually listening to a process. It comes together perfectly every time, but you actually don’t know for sure. It’s not what anyone would call jazz to his face, nor is it strict avant garde (classic or modern). It’s music that sounds like it is done through experimenting, but without ever becoming experimental music. It is familiar and totally new at the same time. -Psychic Malmö

NOTE: This is actually PSYKE009

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