ADN’ CKRYSTALL is Érick Moncollin (aka Dr. Strange), an artist from France and truly a pioneer in electronic music since the mid-70’s. Already in 1976, he was jamming with Vangelis and Tim Blake in Paris, and he was also testing the KORG MS20 in its flat prototype version (and is still owning and using a MS10 prototype today!). In 1982, he released his first album “Jazz’mad” which definitely is in Anna’s Top-5-electronic-music-albums list. The unique weirdness and brilliance of this album is unequalled and a class of its own. Érick never stopped playing and recording electronic music, but, of course, styles changed over the years. In late 2006, “Jazz’mad” was nearing its 25 years anniversary, and thus Anna asked Érick if he wasn’t interested in recording a sister album to it – in “Jazz’mad” style, of course! Érick enthusiastically agreed and armed himself with his two Kawai Synthesizer-100Fs, Korg KR-33, CRB’1969 Diamond 742, Roland Juno-60, Roland JX-3P, MXR phaser 100, Boss Flanger BF-2 and SDE200 Delay. Paired with his weird performing skills, “Minilab” is a worthy companion to “Jazz’mad” and no-one into minimal electronics shall miss out on it. Lim Ed 400x. -Anna Logue

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