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Outside of Gothenburg, Sweden just where you feel the distance to the city and the forests starts to grow deep. That’s where Niels Gordon creates his music. Inspired by the woodlands that surrounds him as well as his dreams of the great cities of Europe.

On the 15th of May Niels Gordons debut album is released on vinyl and digitally via Lamour Records. Just like on Niels previous releases he offers soothing electronic music with hints to the cosmic 70s scene as well as the more electronic acts of the krautrock era.

Since his first EP ‘Ohrnacht’ (released in 2015) Niels Gordon has created his own world of solitary electronic music that has found its way around different corners of the globe. The solitude is manifested during his live performances where Niels is found on stage alone performing improvised versions of the songs without the aid of computers or backing tracks. Performances that has taken him to various stages. From opening for O.M.D. to smaller clubs and festivals. -Lamour

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