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First out is the track Playing Games, originally produced by Agaric. In the hands of Marcel Dettmann Playing Games is turned into something completely new. Starting off with a pounding Maurizio-inspired bass line, tiny and delicate changes suck the listener into a void of sound. Without disturbing the monotony, Dettmann elegantly moves this remix towards late night techno salvation.On the b-side the track Kontrafunk, produced by Tobias von Hofsten, is being reworked by dubstep producer Scuba. This is a remix that seeks inspiration in the concept of “kontra”, as in the meaning of two against each other standing entities. A melody structure, that brings the thought to Goldie’s Timeless, is backed up by hard hitting drum programming and distorted bass. In this fusion of opposite forces, plus and minus, soft and hard, the out come is true Kontrafunk. -Kontra

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