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If The Door Is Opened, It’s Opened From The Outside

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In a time fixated with genres, Ved have kept defying definition for over a decade, their hypnotically repetitive music constantly crossing the borderlands of post-punk, art rock, musique concrète and minimalism. So far, vocals have been sacrificed for the sampled voices of anyone from Uri Geller to Yngwie Malmsteen. However, on their fifth full-length album, If the Door …, the group brings a new, literary dimension to their eclectic music by letting two of their four permanent members emerge as lyricists with wildly contrasting vocal styles – one confrontational, the other introspective – on ten songs all springing from collective improvisation. So, what are they singing about? Refrigerators, airports and excrements – or is it capitalism, transcendence and rebirth? -Kontra-Musik

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