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Hung by the dick

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  • a1 Jacques cousteau tells the truth to the nation
  • a2 Anti-Costes crusade
  • a3 Power to me and Titi
  • a4 A Costes life
  • a5 A dick in the brain
  • a6 Big is my dick
  • a7 Costes cock
  • a8 Take my sperm
  • a9 Hung by the dick
  • a10 Himalaya of shit
  • a11 Logic and mathematic
  • a12 Melting-pot
  • a13 Hollywod bye-bye
  • a14 Koreans, part of the plot
  • a15 Clean Berlin
  • a16 Europa please don´t die
  • a17 This chicken is a nigger
  • a18 Black baby, white mummy
  • a19 Heil, fuck me harder
  • a20 Send me a truck
  • a21 Sorry to be so bad
  • a22 Hung by daddy dick
  • a23 Kill the races
  • a24 I hate my race
  • a25 What color is my dick
  • a26 Never lonelette with gillette
  • a27 Red jew diving in his red sea
  • a28 Berlin is my bedroom
  • a29 My slave Titi
  • a30 Undercover

What can I say, Costes has been doing his “thing” for a long time now and I hope he will continue for ever! Perversions, cheap keyboards, provocations & Love!! recorded material from 1993

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