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Hjärtats slag

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“Hjärtats slag” is the first full-length album from Swedish minimal EBM act Syntet.

The album features new, remixed versions of the eight songs released as digital singles between 2018–2020, as well as two album exclusive tracks: the brand new song “Ungdomens hus” and “Enkla begär (Estás desnudo)”, a remix featuring backing vocals by à;GRUMH… lead singer JΔ3 sEUQCAJ.
The LP is pressed on black 180 gr vinyl and housed in a full-color gatefold sleeve with a 7 mm spine. It comes with a printed, full-color inner sleeve.

Tomas Z Westberg is known for his 2018 autobigraphical comic book “Synthare!”, a youth portrayal covering the Swedish synth scene, which Tomas has been involved with in many ways since his early teens. Working with the comic book and it’s upcoming sequel inspired him to form Syntet after a 25 year time-out from music making.
Some say Syntet sound like if Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (DAF) had produced a child with Swedish singer-songwriter Kjell Höglund. Others are reminded of early Die Krupps, Der Plan, The Klinik or Swedish genre comrades Severe Illusion or Sturm Café.
For sure – with minimalistic Swedish lyrics dealing with anxiety, sex, life and death over groovy electronic basslines, Syntet don’t mind being labelled as minimal oldschool EBM with a punk and DIY attitude. -TZW

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