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Aa (say “BIG A little a”) has been honing its unique blend of intensely stylized DIY maximalism in the lofts and clubs of New York since 2002. The component parts – three drumsets, a tangle of synthesizers and samplers, dudes shouting – are simple enough. Yet the experience is an utterly unique and giddily engaging gasp of fresh air, a densely imagined, obsessively structured, hyperactive shoplifting spree through the polyrhythmic post-post-punk digital jungle-mall. Earth-shakingly organic beats,squawking, alien samples and group chant-hooks crash headfirst into blissed-out electronic rave-ups – everybody moves, everybody sweats. And yeah, they do their own fucking light show. Aa has played all over the US, having shared the stage/floor/rooftop with such luminaries as Sonic Youth, TV on the Radio, Black Dice, Lightning Bolt, Japanther, Matt & Kim, etc. After a series of lo-fi releases, the band has finally gone hi-fi, sneaking into the studio to record “GAame”, their 1st full-length, with Billy Pavone (The Fall – “Heads Roll”). -dLTD

A1 Death Mask
A2 Best of Seven
A3 Flag Day
A4 Good Ship
A5 Manshake
A6 Thirteen
B1 Walk Again
B2 Time In
B3 Fingers to Fist
B4 Uracle
B5 Thumper
B6 Horse Steak

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