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Hailing from Sweden, VARGR is the work of Henrik Nordvargr Björkk, largely known for the legendary MZ412 but also counting Pouppée Fabrikk and the selfsame Nordvargr among his many musical endeavors. Under the moniker VARGR, he creates a maddening meld of dark industrial and blacknoise – sometimes leaning toward one end of the spectrum over the other, and sometimes overloading frequencies into one frightening onslaught of sound.

It’s been over a decade since VARGR had a new studio recording – since 2010, in fact – and now he returns with the full-length FTW. Aptly titled, FTW indeed fucks the world with brittle shards of black metal bent in obscene ways, as a slaughterhouse of strange sounds rolls on underneath, the conveyor belt moving ominously, fatally forward. Much like the infamous ABRUPTUM, there’s no middle ground here: you either willingly submit or run far way. No escape…no hope.

Featuring cover artwork by the enigmatic Wagner Ödegård, VARGR’s FTW now sees worldwide release at the hands of a capable label. No ripoffs…no light.
Yes, Black metal experimental noise dark. Includes A3 poster.
This is black vinyl edition

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