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Flag Of Breeze

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‘Flag Of Breeze’ marks a new adventurous collaboration between Nicola Giunta/Lay Llamas and Gioele Valenti/JuJu seven years after Lay Llamas’ acclaimed album ‘Ostro’ released in 2014 by London-based label Rocket Recordings. This mini LP is figured out like a sort of radio tuning listening session among FM stations and misterious shortwaves transmissions. The tracks come out like from an hazy ethering dimension and then melting again with alien lo-fi sounds from the unknown. Luminous and peaceful psych pop melodies meet exotic and ritual percussions recalling a strange surfers tribe on the beach around a campfire. A cosmic kraut sonic trip through the solar system to reach a Verne-sque underwater jungle. Here it talks about universal flags made of breeze, nocturnal burings, mixtures and potions for unknown fever, ancient sleeping plants. The album artwork is an esoteric maps of symbols and forms. The visual key of this sonic journey. -Backwards

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