Porn Sword Tobacco and SVN return to Kontra-Musik for another untouchable release far off the beaten techno track. Trying anxiously to get with whatever is fashionable right now has never been Kontra-Musik’s way of doing things, and the same goes for Porn Sword Tobacco and SVN. That’s why we’re such a good match.
The A-side consists of an eleven minutes scuba dive into the deep. The water is warm and pleasant and bright colored fishes in all shapes and sizes are swimming all around you, creating an abundance of shimmering bubbles. You’ll be amazed by all the micro-rhythms and deep basses down here, but as you descend further down the scenery changes: The water gets cooler and more acidic and the sea life stranger and less gaudy. But there are still glitchy rhythms and bubbly basses everywhere in the dark, so keep going.
As you touch down on bottom of the sea, you’ll hit the B-side. You’ll need both your feet down here, because here comes the kick drum and it’s in good company. The beat shares it’s trembling minimal core with Plastikman’s Snark, but there’s more pace and concentrated driving force – a force that’s getting even stronger as the record enters it’s last chapter, almost causing a sea floor rift.
Kontra-Musik, Porn Sword Tobacco and SVN. We’re the Mariana Trench of techno.
Mastering and cut by Mike Grinser @ Manmade Mastering, Berlin. -Kontra

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