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Estheticks Of Cruelty – An Explicit Odyssey Into Swedish Agricultural Sounds

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  • a1 NOD “And into flesh shall I return”
  • a2 NOD “Forget me not”
  • a3 IRON JUSTICE “Nothing and again nothing”
  • a4 IRON JUSTICE “Europe in flames”
  • a5 DODSDOMD “Fistfucking sodomy”
  • a6 VEHM “Do you believe”
  • a7 INSTITUTE “Yashin”
  • a8 INSTITUTE “Monza”
  • a9 THURNEMANS “Cut off”
  • a10 IRGUN Z´WAI LEUMI “Downwar slope”
  • a11 TRERIKSRÖSET “No doves”
  • a12 BAD KHARMA “Elektra 1”
  • a13 PROJEKT HAT “The wandering jew”
  • b1 BLOD “Himmelblau”
  • b2 BLOD “Extremely shitexplosive Sara”
  • b3 JANITOR “The four humours”
  • b4 BORN OF FIRE “The death of god is art”
  • b5 OBSCENE NOISE KORPORATION “One happy gravel pit and the death”
  • b6 TAPE DECAY “Force it hard thank you”
  • b7 TAPE DECAY “Försökspersonerna”
  • b8 IRM “Martyr 2000”
  • b9 IRM “Powerdrill”
  • b10 APOSTASIA “Tunnelvision”
  • b11 PERSONA “Pro patria”
  • b12 MOLJEBKA PVLSE “Aftermath”
  • b13 K.L.A.N. “Flammable”
  • b14 K.L.A.N. “Puppetry”
  • b15 OVUM “She´s on the phone”
  • b16 BODIES DROWNED NATURAL “In belief”
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