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And how we waited. Entertainment, the debut album of Optic Nest has been in our minds for years. After making us stunned with his eclectic tapes on the infamous defunct KSP label and the 7″ we put out, we could only in our dreams wish for something like this. A pounding, entertaining and electric ten tracks that somehow recalls geniouses / lunatics Hans Edler and Bruce Haack. It’s a strange blend of decayed tapeloops, clear vocals, drum machines low in the mix, feedbacking delays and sequenced synthesizers. Optic Nest started working on this album in 2008 while passing the magix bridge into the EMS studio in Stockholm. Patching up those old Buchla and Serge synthesizers. After running the recorded tracks through his old stuff in his Bedroom studio and editing for two years the album was done. Clean and simple. 300 made, with mental full color cover and insert by Henrik Wallin, Mattias Gustafsson and Daniel Fagerström. -Moptaco

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