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Elmoped uppför Tinkarpsbacken

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Joakim Cosmo is back with another record crammed with wonky and weird numbers. It’s obvious right from the start that Joakim Cosmo has a passion for machines and it seems he’s having a jolly good time churning out his own version of Chicago music from them. Fissens lockvral is the kind of track that makes me want to grow a big ol’ moustache and join a motorcycle gang of leather freaks. Tough drums are being propelled forward by an even tougher bassline while FX sounds and bleeps are being ignited and thrown into a whirlpool of echoes. Gagarin is pretty close to the Norwegian disco we have danced to so many times but with distinct Chi-town influences. That cool Spanish voice sample that reveals itself in the break makes me think of Ramirez. Brugte Boner is going to set some dancefloors on fire! Perfectly shuffled drum machines with a ba-dom-dom voice bobbing along with them. I think this is what Fettburger refers to as basketball house is Cosmo is keeping it well rejuvenated. Vocoder nonsense is my best kind of nonsense and that is what Sabdoo Chimaa is all about AND then on top of that Joakim is jazzing it out on the keys. WHAT?! Before you’ve had time to contemplate that Mr Cosmo has already sent you on the next trip. This time to froggy space. How do you like that, huh? Sci-fi synths glide past like shooting stars while you are floating happily in the Milky Way bumping into echoed messages from the final frontier. CAN. NOT. WAIT. TO PLAY. THIS. OUT! / Yours truly, Sahpo Ripasso

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