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This is the second time we are proud to feature the work of Swedish mastermind, Jan Svensson, on Digitalis. Previous to Dreamers, you likely heard his contributions as 1/3 of the maniacal FRAK and their Muzika Electronic LP. Well, with Studio SS he abandons his crew to toil away in his wired-up bunker. Dreamers rips out all the dance and pop elements from Muzika Electronic and focuses on the brittle, shattered bones. Explorative synthesis is the name of the game, here, with Svensson digging through buckets of corroded circuitry, hoping that the one sound to unlock them all is still waiting to be found. But it’s a fool’s game, as we all know, because the further down that electronic hole you go, the less sense it all makes. Reckless bleets and splurps careen along like gravity is suddenly optional and we’re just drifting through a field of space debris. Mutant rhythms blast out, making sure you make it back to the ground in a million pieces, ready for reassembly. Next thing you know, you’re totally consumed by technology and have been sucked into the borg. -Digitalis

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