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Down in the mine

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  • a1 Bad Guys
  • a2 Sing A Song
  • a3 Untitled
  • a4 Matin
  • a5 TV Kills Shizonia
  • a6 Fear
  • a7 Poursuite
  • a8 Poor Little Tommy
  • a9 Altercation
  • a10 Lala Waltz
  • b1 Evil
  • b2 Down In The Mine
  • b3 Dark
  • b4 Canards
  • b5 At The Morgue
  • b6 L’État Sain
  • b7 Générique
  • b8 Sourire Mélancolique
  • b9 Rêve
  • b10 It’s 2 AM
  • b11 The World We Live In
  • b12 En Avant La Musique

Three years after the “Nervous Split”, Fiendish Fib return to TuT/RuR with a retrospective LP, the outcome of a long search into the depths of the Franco-German duo’s secret tape-archives. Here are 22 songs of DIY subterranean post-punk, dada lo-fi art-rock, state of the art tape industrial, home-made teen-horror-movie soundtracks, potlatch drinking symphonies, darkly alienated proto-techno and sheer bat’n’roll insanity. A 50 minutes trip down Fiendish Fib’s memory mine, which takes us back to the days of tape-overdub abuse, radios turned guitar effects, MS 10 bleepadelica and vintage beat box worshipping. Enough to send shivers of delight down the spine of every Insane Music or Ptôse aficionado. “Et en avant la musique…” Pink Vinyl Lim Ed 309x -Treue um Treue

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