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Doubleplusungood (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Director’s note : “My encounter with Wild Dee, the main actor in DOUBLEPLUSUNGOOD, was a determining factor in the making of this film. Not only are we strongly influenced by the same literary atmospheres – Among them American authors like Harry Crews, Iceberg Slim, N.Tosches and Belgian horror author Jean Ray – we also share the same cinematic tastes – low budget cinema be it French, Japanese or Spanish. Our main aim was to recreate the spirit, and play with and even subvert, the codes of Exploitation cinema. We also share the same taste for Rock & Roll, as our parallel musical backgrounds show. We were both singers in emblematic Belgian rock bands of the 80’s and 90’s – Wild Dee in The Wild Ones and me with Marine (79/81 – 3 singles with Les Disques du Crepuscule) and La Muerte (84/94 – 6 albums with Pias). The film’s soundtrack, inspired by Francois de Roubaix, John Carpenter, Lalo Shiffrin, is like its second layer of dialogue: the original compositions of Renaud Mayeur (winner of the Magritte 2013 Belgian cinema awards for best soundtrack) and of J-M Lederman (Fat Gadget, TheThe, … ), Moaning Cities, Ashtoreth, The Nick Leonardo Orchestra, The Manarays, Jack’O’Roonie. ” A further thing that brings us together is something that has been with us since childhood and that we Belgians call: Belgitude… -Clone

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